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Myle Vape FAQ's

Myle Vape is an electric alternative to cigarettes. It works on the USB-charging. The product contains tobacco and nicotine which is an addictive chemical. The vaporises the tobacco and evaporates the e-liquid at a temperature of 126 degree C(258.8 degree fahrenheit). This heating process creates the vapors which should be inhaled by the consumer. Myle Vape is a non-smoke and no ash product and therefore it is safer than cigarettes.
Myle vape is a vaporiser which produces vapors to be inhaled instead of smoke. This product doesn’t burn the tobacco but evaporates the e-liquid present in it. These vapors do not cause harm to the lungs which makes it safer than the traditional cigarettes. Whereas, IQOS HEETS is a product which heats the tobacco instead of burning it. This heating produces small vapors to be inhaled. IQOS HEETS is a no smoke and no ash product and safer to use.
You need to press the power button until the power light blinks. Remember to remove the stopper from the top of the pod. Once the light blinks, your device starts working and you can take a puff.
As such, there is no typical taste of the Myle Vape. It’s taste depends on the flavor you are consuming. The only constant taste in the Vape is tobacco, it can be mild or strong according to the main flavour.
The traditional cigarettes produce smoke by burning the tobacco which is very harmful for lungs. On the other hand, IQOS HEETS heats the tobacco and produces the vapors to be inhaled which causes less harm to the lungs. Whereas, Myle Vape evaporates the e-liquid which consists of less amount of tobacco. The evaporation produces mild vapors which should be inhaled by the consumer. As the vapors are mild and the amount of tobacco in Myle Vape is less, it is better to be consumed than the traditional cigarettes and IQOS HEETS sticks.
The Vapes use the evaporation process and avoid burning the tobacco. As the tobacco is not burnt, there is no smoke produced. It instead produces the vapors from e-liquid which do not contain high amounts of toxins. The no smoke formula makes the Myle Vape safer to use
The smell of Myle vape depends on the flavour you are using. The smell is not as strong as traditional cigarettes. It doesn’t leave it’s smell on clothes, hands or on the surface.
There are a lot of options available to buy Myle Vapes like Myle V4 magnetic Devices, Myle V4 Magnetic Pods, Myle Mini 2, Myle Mini and Stig Pods. These are the must try Myle Vapes range available.
Yes, the e-liquid which produces consumable vapors contains the addictive chemical Nicotine.
One pod lasts for approximately 250 to 270 puffs which is equal to approximately 20 cigarettes.
We’ve got a great collection with a lot of buying options of Myle Vapes. You should prefer buying from our website to experience the delivery within 24 hours from buying the product. We also provide safer and convenient modes of payment. You can avail the best offers on shipment of your choicest Myle Vape.
Yes, you can use Myle Vape to minimise the consumption of Tobacco cigarettes as it contains a lesser amount of tobacco as compared to the traditional cigarettes. As the product does not produce any smoke, it is safer for the lungs. In the process to stop smoking, you can definitely switch to a better and safer option like Myle Vape.
The e-liquid in Myle Vape contains chemicals like propylene glycol, glycerin, nicotine, flavours, additives and other contaminants. This e-liquid is evaporated to produce the aerosol or vapors to be inhaled.
There are many benefits of Myle Vapes, here is a list of few: Better option to reduce consumption of traditional cigarettes, Lesser amount of tobacco inhaled, 15+ flavours available, No ash and no smoke, Mild smell depending on flavour, Harms less to lungs.
You will get 38+ flavours of Myle Vape. The choice totally depends on you. Here is a list of the available flavours. Mighty Mint, Cubano, Lush Ice, Iced Watermelon, Iced Mint, Pink Lemonade, Sweet Tobacco, Iced Quad Berry, Tropical Fruit Mix, Pound Cake, Iced Coffee, Iced Apple Mango, Red Apple, Sweet Mango, Peach, Lemon Mint, Pepper Mint Cane